Testing from a holistic point of view

Holistic testing is a term that I have been thinking about for a while now. There are many different types of testing that need to included in our support for better quality. In January 2021, I wrote a blog post called “Testing And Coding, Not Coding ‘Then’ Testing” to emphasize that testing and coding are […]

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GWT Challenge image 1

GWT Challenge #22

This post is in response to a challenge that was posted on: How to identify the intent of a confusing scenario? The challenge: When faced with a confusing scenario written in Gherkin, how would you engage the other members of the team to understand the intent? We were looking for practical tips and tricks that […]

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shift left shift right diagram

Testing And Coding, Not Coding “Then” Testing

This quote was recently published with the question “Hmm😶 What’s your take on this?” You can read some of the comments here. It made me realize that I should probably write a blog post so that people don’t take out of context what I mean. The quote is “almost” correct, but not quite. One word […]

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