Comments from participants who have taken the Agile Testing Course:

2019 Course Participant

Thank you so much for this training. I found it to be the most effective agile training I’ve taken. This was mostly because my entire Scrum team was there with me, and that we got to use our own product as examples for the exercises. It really helped me make the link and apply concepts practically. I found Janet to be an engaging presenter and she answered my questions effectively. My team found many things to take back and start practicing.

Janet is an exceptionally patient and meticulous trainer. Highly recommended!

2018 Course Participant
Janet was easy to follow, I understood the concepts and her examples were very helpful since I was not in a scrum team before and she made sure I understood what it meant and what was expected of me as a QA 🙂

Participant, Copenhagen Denmark
Through the exercises we did in the training, I realized that a test driven approach is also a product driven approach, in that test is ON the product NOT the process towards developing it.
September 2017

On-site course participant
I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all that I have learned from you. The entire team has benefitted so much and everyone is feeling motivated and energized again. We have already started implementing some changes and everyone is marching to the same beat. It’s awesome!
October 2015

Participant, London UK
Only one week after attending the course and I feel that our team already has a better understanding of where and how testing can add more value during our projects. The team has accepted the suggestions I have made and better still are helping me implement them which is more than I expected. By advising on preventing defects we have as a team also gained an improved collaboration, by discussing assumptions rather than coding them. This course has given me the confidence to use agile testing skills gained to refocus the testing requirements and where to concentrate testing resources for the maximum impact to ensure a quality product is produced.
September 2015

Participant, Oslo, Norway
It was without a doubt one of the best courses I’ve ever participated in. You were very good at pulling the audience with you and make everything sound exciting an interesting. You hade perfectly clear examples and had a good answer to all the questions we could think of.
September 2014

Participant, London, UK
I am glad my boss made me sign up for this class!!!!
June 2014

Participant, London, UK
One student when comparing the Certified Agile Testing (CAT) course to Janet’s and Lisa’s “Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing”
“I found the CAT course to be an intense and deep immersion into the theory of Agile Testing aimed at guiding you towards the course exams. In my experience of attending Janet Gregory’s Practical Agile Testing course it was just that…a practical chance to discuss problems and issues with real Agile testing processes in your own experience. Plus a great chance to hear and learn from others (to know you are not alone!) You will come away with ideas to improve Agile testing that can be implemented quickly and easily while also avoiding common pitfalls.”
December 2013

Participant, London, Eng
“The best course ever, only wish it was longer.”
August 26, 2011

Participant, Calgary, AB
“This was life changing. Light bulbs and clarity. I see I have a career in testing and a new exciting path to follow.”
April 13, 2011

Participant, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Janet has proven experience and shares her knowledge in an open manner.”
July 21, 2010

Participant, Denver, CO
“Yes. As we are just starting to talk Agile it was a good starting point but with a very practical use. Nice having varying levels & expertise in the class which you wouldn’t get at a pure beginner or expert class.”
May 7, 2010

Participant, Calgary, AB
“I found that Janet was very strong in all these areas (level of knowledge, organization, clarity, engagement, responsiveness)…she and course content kept me engaged.”
January 27, 2010