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Janet Gregory: Agile Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Writer, Speaker


Assessing Agile Quality Practices with QPAM

Co-author Selena Delesie

The book provides a deeper view of what it means to truly deliver successfully in an agile way. Janet and Selena introduce a quality practices assessment model (QPAM) that considers dimensions and quality aspects for behaviors and practices within teams and organizations. Consultants, coaches, managers, and even team members learn what high quality looks like for feedback loops, testing, code quality, culture, and more.

The reader is invited to dig deep to reflect on the quality of their products as well as the quality of a team’s agile processes and those of the entire organization. The model enables teams to assess where they are, and what practices they may want to improve.

Assessing Agile Quality Practices with QPAM

Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction

Co-author Lisa Crispin

Agile Testing Condensed presents a concise, easy-to-read overview of how to succeed with testing and build a quality culture in an agile context. Janet and Lisa have distilled their knowledge from two decades of agile testing to help readers understand basic concepts such as:
  • How to fit testing activities into an agile cycle
  • Who is responsible for completing various testing activities, and when
  • How to get everyone on a delivery team engaged in continuous testing in DevOps
  • Ways to plan testing activities using visual models, including automation
  • How to evaluate testing effectiveness and continually improve
This book is a must for testers, software delivery team members, product team members, business stakeholders, managers, and executives.

LeanPub e-versions available: mobi, epub and pdf
Amazon availability: Kindle, Paperback
Translations available on LeanPub: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese


More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team

Co-author Lisa Crispin

Packed with new examples from real agile teams, More Agile Testing offers important new insights into questions such as: What is the true role of a tester? Do agile teams actually need members with QA backgrounds? What does it really mean to be an agile tester? How do we successfully implement and manage a testing program in an agile setting? Whatever your role in creating, running, or responding to agile tests, Crispin and Gregory bring together the world’s best wisdom — and show you how to take advantage of it.

Translations available: Chinese

More Agile Testing Book

Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

Co-author Lisa Crispin

The book is for testers who find themselves on an agile team, test and quality assurance managers in organizations transitioning to agile development, and agile teams learning how to approach testing.

Translations available: Japanese; Russian; Korean

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