Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Janet coaches teams transitioning to an agile development process. Her focus is working with the business users and testers to understand their role in agile projects, although she works with the whole team.

Her background in process improvement helps her to introduce changes into an organization. Changing the culture is the hardest part of introducing agile.

Consulting and Coaching Services include:

  • Short-term sessions to assess the team and make recommendations
  • Short-term sessions that allow time to assess the issues and make recommendations, with follow-up sessions to coach teams and monitor changes
  • Longer term consulting sessions that allow time to coach and gradually introduce changes for long lasting effects
    Facilitate workshops to work on specific team needs. For example, identifying a test strategy, specification workshops or breaking up features into testable stories.
  • Facilitate retrospectives (both process and project), helping to identify problems and possible solutions.
  • Personal consulting for individuals who are struggling with new concepts or trying to figure out what their changing role might be. This could be in person or remotely using skype or other available technology.