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My thoughts from the Panel Discussion – Future of Women in Agile In March 2021, I had the privilege of co-hosting a panel discussion with Ellen Grove. The discussion was sponsored by Agile Testing Days – (Trendig) and the Agile Alliance. The participants were:  Alex Schladeback, Faiza Yousuf, Claudia Badell, Johanna Rothman.  I encourage you […]

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Changing mindset

Can we change our perspectives?

The following quote came from James Clear in his January 2020 newsletter (  “Reading is like a software update for your brain. Whenever you learn a new concept or idea, the ‘software’ improves. You download new features and fix old bugs.” He says your past is fixed, but your interpretation of it can change depending on the […]

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A Quiet Presence

This morning I received notification that a friend had passed away. Many remember him as a shaker and a doer in the agile community. He was that, but he did it quietly. He made changes without a lot of fanfare. He told stories – many of them starting when he was doing his rock star […]

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Task development

Delivery Teams +

In More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team, Lisa Crispin and I talked about the idea of DevOps and testing. We tried to use the term to show there are DevOps activities – activities that contribute to the wholeness of the product, much like testing activities and coding and other development activities.

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Book Review – The Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner’s Guide to Automating Tests by Jonathan Rasmusson

Jonathan explains seemingly complicated concepts in a simple manner so that everyone can understand. If you are a tester working on web applications and want to gain some technical awareness around programming and automating your tests, this is a great book to start your journey. For example, Jonathan examines how RESTful services work and shows […]

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Removing Clutter – Removing Defects

I found myself with two free days in Copenhagen, no family commitments and no work commitments, so I decided to make a personal commitment.  I declared these two days a ‘writing retreat’ for myself.  All I was going to do, was write because I am way behind on my blog posts and wanted to start […]

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