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Last year was a bit of a blur for me. The book, Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, that Lisa Crispin and I wrote, far exceeded expectations in sales. The need for courses on the subject also came unexpectedly. I spent the year travelling, giving the course and consulting. It was tiring, but very rewarding when I got evaluations back that said things like “Probably all the information we learned will be immediately useful” and “The topics covered in class match problems we are facing”.

However, it left me with very little time to do other things like building a sustainable business. This year I have more information and a better idea of what type of opportunities exist, so I am going to approach this year more pro-actively.

One of my resolutions includes getting my thoughts down, which means more blogging. Look for a new blog every couple of weeks; this is my first of 2010. My focus has been on testing on agile projects but over the past year, I have learned that testing problems extend into the whole agile process. This means many of the problems I encounter on teams are more than “just” testing issues, so many of my blogs will be on expanded topics.

I am going  to spend more time and energy writing articles as well. My first article (co-authored with Lisa Crispin) of the year, entiled “Agile Projects: 6 Ways to Avoid the “Mini-Waterfall”, came out in the January edition of STP Collaborative magazine http://www.stpcollaborative.com/ which features “Women of Influence” in the testing profession.

Also, because I have been travelling so much (made super-elite), I have neglected my immediate surroundings. This year, I will work on building and maintaining more of a Canadian and North American presence, and try to give back to the community. My first self-sponsored course is to be held in Calgary, Canada on January 25 – 27, 2010. See my website www.janetgregory.ca/training for more details, or register at: http://www.regonline.ca/agile_testing_with_janet_gregory

Happy New Year to all


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