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Testing And Coding, Not Coding “Then” Testing

This quote was recently published with the question “Hmm😶 What’s your take on this?” You can read some of the comments here. It made me realize that I should probably write a blog post so that people don’t take out of context what I mean. The quote is “almost” correct, but not quite. One word […]

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Part 1: Testing vs Quality Management – What is Testing?

What’s the difference between testing and quality management?  Over the past few years, I’ve been thinking about quality and what it means. I’ve done a few talks on it and engaged in several conversations with different people. Recently a LinkedIn conversation sparked my thoughts in a different direction – about the relationship between testing and […]

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Set Priorities

Limiting Work in Progress

In a class I taught in Copenhagen, we had a discussion about limiting work in progress and concentrating on getting each story to “Done” before taking on more work. Later, as I was going through security at the Copenhagen airport and going through passport control, I was reminded why small batches are so important. Picture […]

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A Quiet Presence

This morning I received notification that a friend had passed away. Many remember him as a shaker and a doer in the agile community. He was that, but he did it quietly. He made changes without a lot of fanfare. He told stories – many of them starting when he was doing his rock star […]

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