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Janet Gregory: Agile Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Writer, Speaker

I started reading “The Gift of Time” with certain expectations, but as I kept reading, I found those expectations challenged.

I thought I would have a nice easy read about tributes to Jerry Weinberg. Instead, I found myself jotting down words and phrases as I was reading each of the essays. As a life long learner and a dabbler in the areas of systems thinking and organizational behaviour, I found so many tidbits of information and from so many perspectives, that my thoughts started running rampant. I wanted to go start researching and reading more.

And it wasn’t only about systems thinking. For example, the essay by James Bach got me thinking again about basic testing premises. The one by Naomi Karten about experiential workshops made me think about my own tutorials and workshops and how I could improve the exercises I use. Congruent feedback by Ester Derby gave me a new way of thinking about giving feedback and understanding the importance of context… yet again. The list goes on.

I am sure everyone who reads it will pick up new ideas to research or will revisit some that need renewing. So much of what Jerry Weinberg has given the world is summed up so nicely in this small book of essays.


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