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An article by Lisa Crispin and myslef just got posted on InformIT – “Testers: The Hidden Resource“. This was an idea that popped into Lisa’s head one day when she was driving to work, after we had just finished the book. We think testers have a lot more to offer than most development organizations realize. See what you think, I’d love to hear your comments. Are we too optimistic or do you agree?

Check Lisa’s website to see other comments as well.


2 comments on “Testers: The Hidden Resource

  1. I liked your article , as a fairly new Test Engineer who is striving to be a User Story/persona developement expert, as well as dabble in code, I agree with you about the Hidden resource part, but I see allot of testers who are not able or willing to expand their knowlegde base to become a hidden resource. I also wonder, is this a resource that can only be recognized on an agile team?

  2. I recognize there are testers who do not chose to expand their knowledge base by going to conferences or taking courses unless their organization makes them. Those testers are usually the same ones who won’t pick up a book or browse the internet for new articles. Years ago, it was hard to pick up new testing ideas, but there really is no excuse anymore.

    I believe that testers who want to expand their knowledge are the ‘hidden resources’ we are talking about in the article. If a tester is still doing the same thing they did 10 years ago, they are likely not willing to try new things. Agile teams encourage, (do I dare say “demand”) that testers learn new ways of interacting and testing. I do think if a team (any team) is willing to look at their testers, they will find that many are not reaching their full potential. Those are the ‘hidden resources’.

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